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Global Advisory


With your wealth, you have the power to make an impact on a global scale. Create change in popular causes such as education, civil rights and racial discrimination, employment issues, healthcare, immigration, and climate change.

BRC can guide you through making a positive impact through sustainable investing, donations to charity, volunteering, and more.

Use your wealth to reflect your goals and values.

There are many avenues to making an impact:

  • Direct Donations - Giving money directly to charities or organizations is one of the easiest and most utilized ways to make a contribution.

  • Volunteering – This is a hands-on contribution and can be fun! There are many roles and responsibilities that one can assume, from a basic volunteer to board members. Individuals can choose to spend; however long they want to contribute this way directly.

  • Donor-Advised Funds – Grants are given to charities from the giving account and can even be anonymous.

  • Private Foundations – When wealthy individuals and families create private foundations, they have power over grant-making. They give families control over grant-making and investments and engage in various levels of the foundation.

  • Socially Responsible Investing – Partnering with leading specialists in the sustainable investments space, BRC is offering portfolios that are focused on the best long-term sustainable investments that are equally dedicated to seeking solutions to some of the issues we face today.


Relocation / Domiciliation / Passport / Lifestyle

Through its extensive network, BRC can provide relocation/domiciliation/ citizenship /residency services to multiple jurisdictions.


You can benefit from our portfolio management system which provides a comprehensive consolidated reporting of all your assets (including non-financial assets) even if they are held in custody in different banks. This allows us to better assess the global asset allocation and the overall risks.


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