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Asset Management

For investors who want to benefit from a professional, actively managed and duly monitored investment process, we offer our Discretionary Investment Management mandates. Our clients can choose from a range of strategies based on their personal preferences, market views and risk affinities.


Asset Management requires a professional approach, experience in the financial industry, deep market knowledge, understanding of financial products and a profound research base.


Delegating Asset Management to BRC, allows you to invest your valuable time in your core business activity while ensuring a high investment efficiency and security for your bankable assets.


We deal with financial markets and monitor relevant business events daily. The access to the best in class analytics, real-time market coverage and the highest asset management level of our trading team, allows us to react rapidly to any market event, consequently deriving the optimal trading ideas, depending on clients’ investment profile. Having an open architecture also allows us to act in your best interest and source for the best in class products or solutions that are most suited to your needs.


We report to you according to your wish, concerning details and frequency.



Know-How of Qualified Specialists




Time & Investment Efficiency

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