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Max Leong

Independent Director

Max is a vastly equipped & well-trained Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years of recognised experience in the areas of Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, PE Fund Management, M&A & Oil-Gas regionally in Asia.

Past Experiences:

1. Successful IPO Listing of an HK-based Petrochemical Storage Terminal entity on the HK stock exchange;

2. Setting up of JV Fund partnership with reputable entities from China, the US & Singapore ranging from USD700 million to US$1 billion in the areas of Real Estate, Aviation, Logistics, etc;

3. Successfully set up & managing one of the largest PE Fund entities in China under the flagship of “Penta”;

4. Successfully acquires real estate properties & discharging it with improved yield via re-structuring/packaging;

5. Successfully on behalf of Marriott to approve the opening of the 4 stars/5 stars brands as an in-house consultant based on Marriott’s brand requirement & the liaison between the property owners;

6. Successfully developing large scale mixed retail projects & Hypermarkets, averaging 60~70 annually around Asia region;"

Furthermore, he has also been maintaining business relationships with many local securities firms and has a vast range of networks in 280 Asset Management firms in Japan. He can formulate complex business strategies in the fields of securities, trust, asset management and global custody. He is one of the Governors at the Society of Global Business (

Max Leong
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